About Caresence™

As one of the Australia’s leading natural health brands, Caresence™ aims to provide the Australian and international markets with premium quality innovative health products.

Conceived with the trusted ancient principles and ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine formulation, Caresence™ also offers the confidence of being clinically developed, tested and internationally certified with modern medicine technology.

The quality ingredients within Caresence™ products come from nature. They are safe and pure in order to support your health and promote your general well-being. Rest assured that no artificial ingredients will enter your body as we have worked tirelessly to source the right ingredients that contain the true essence of nature.

Learn about the functions of each traditional herbal ingredient.

Naturally Australian Made

Australia is a country blessed with the riches of a healthy natural environment. The Caresence™ team has direct access to understand first-hand the true vitality of nature. Just like you, we care about our health and well being and our mission is to offer products that may comfort and assist you to enjoy life. Caresence™ products are naturally Australian made and owned.

Caresence™ labs

To create each Caresence™ formulation our team of professionals invest years of clinical research, to find  the best formula that retains the essence of natures’ intended functions.

Caresence™ research is based on our expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine together with scientific research into the natural nutrient values of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This results in premium products that deliver a more natural
approach to health.

Quality Assurance

We have strong commitment to quality that ensures our products consistently meet or even exceed our customers’ expectations. Caresence™ ensures quality by comprehensively testing their products before, during and after production, and are produced in accordance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Compliance with Australia’s high regulatory standards and requirements is core to all our processes and product offerings.

Caresence™ works with the highest quality natural raw material suppliers to source and select the very best possible ingredients available. Our strategic sourcing team travels the world to ensure we have transparency over the supply chain.

Even healthier tomorrow

Caresence™ is committed to continued research and development in order to expand our knowledge and provide additional natural health products in future. Understanding our customers needs and experiences with our products is key to supporting your health. We welcome your feedback and look forward to being a partner in creating and enjoying a naturally healthy life.